As You Burn The Midnight Oil, What’s Happening With Your Health?

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working too hardYour health is one of the most important things in your life as I found out with a shock discovery one day.

Working hard and putting in the hours focused on income generating tasks is what is needed to be able to generate an income from internet marketing.

Much of that happens outside a regular job using your so called leisure hours – when you might be watching TV or surfing the internet or sleeping.

It is a much more productive use of your time as much of that time that could otherwise be wasted but there can be a problem with that if you are forgetting your health – you make bad decisions about food, sleep and fitness too. (Maybe neglect your family too!)

This is what I did and it was how I got a shock of my life!

I thought I wasn’t in “too bad shape” and I’d catch it before something bad happened anyway . I’d do it all once I got through the work pressure at the job as well as the moonlighting work. But my time was shorter than I thought for my health and I didn’t see any warning signs.

My Neglect Came And Bit Me

My wife finally convinced me to have a check up because you should have one.

The day after I went for it I got a call from the doctors asking me to come into see the doctor – that is never a good sign.

That’s when I got the news I’d developed Type 2 diabetes. The doctor wanted me to go for further tests at the hospital. Which confirmed it all except I wasn’t as far gone as expected.

It was shocked and more.

I did suggest to my wife it was her fault for convincing me to go to the check up – as before that time there was nothing wrong with me – other than things like tiredness, thirst and frequent journeys to the bathroom (symptoms of diabetes) – I only noticed these after I’d been diagnosed.

Fortunately, I hadn’t completely destroyed my insulin production so it can be managed by diet and exercise. It could have been worse.

It is something that is progressive so with a little more care I might have prevented it (maybe) or caught it before it had developed from pre-diabetes to full blown diabetes.

If Only

Now looking back on it there are a number of common sense things that I should have done that would have stopped this and more energy and health at the same time. It probably would have resulted in me being more productive too.

Here are my suggestions as to what I should have done before and I am doing now to stay healthy.

1. Annual checkups. These are so important – there was a good chance they’d have picked up my elevated blood sugar. Whether I’d have done something is open to discussion – I’d like to think I would. At least, I’d have had chance to do something before it was too late.

It does tell you if you’ve got issues you need to address – might even save your life!

I avoided the doctor as much as I could – I still do – but I have my annual check up to ensure everything is going as well as can be expected.

As they say it is better to be safe than sorry. Commonsense advice I ignored.

2.Better nutrition and lose weight. I have lost over 42 lbs since which now puts me in the normal range by eating better food. I am personally on a very low carb high fat diet to control my blood sugar but that is not what’s needed if you haven’t developed diabetes

The book I wish I’d read before, that I’ve read since is the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sissons that goes though a lifestyle and way of eating that is based on how ancient man (before agriculture) would have eaten – which is similar to what I’ve followed (except adjusted for lower carbs on my behalf) to lose weight and bring my blood sugar under control. It has helped me become the healthiest I’ve been for a long time.

3.Sleep. This is a difficult one. It’s hard to get enough sleep when you are pushing to create, first a second income, then a full time income online fitting it around the rest of your life – sleep is seen as something you can steal that time from.

You can do this for a short time but there are consequences if it goes on for too long – lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to developing diabetes. For me I know it affects how easily I can lose focus and be distracted, eat more than I should and just in general not looking after my health.

The best advice I have on this make sure you get enough sleep – don’t steal too much from it and rest when needed to recharge the batteries. You perform better when you do.

4.Exercise. This has lots of benefits for improving focus and thinking as well as protecting you from disease and more. I skipped this too much and paid the price with being overweight and ….

If you have not spent any time on this you can start slowly – again the book Primal Blueprint was how I started my exercise – it has a number of progressive exercises from very easy to harder so you can start from where you are. It starts with only a few minutes at a time.

rings and pull up barI also bought a pull up bar and gymnastic rings for some upper body strength – it started with the help of a chair for pull ups and standing almost upright to do ring rows. On top of that I started with walking – I’m now running and doing more challenging training.

A good way you can combine light cardio with your internet work is with the FitDesk FDX 2.0 – I’ve not tried this myself but it looks a great time saver combining two activities at once. It’s on my wish list.

I think if I’d done these before my diabetes day I may have avoided that day altogether, felt better and be sharper and more productive too. I know it certainly has made a difference to me since that day. I feel better, less tired and I am more active with walking, running and more. I get more done online too, then I ever did tired and washed out but pushing on regardless.

Do you have a health routine or other ways that you ensure you stay health and fit?

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