Are You An Internet Shiny New Object Addict?

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shiny new object syndromeI am.

My computer knows it. (I’ve been hoarding courses.) My bank account feels it unfortunately.

It feels great at the time. I get a buzz from buying that next object – this is the one – doesn’t it look great. I’m not sure why it works that way as they just exist on the internet and my computer. I feels like I am making progress!

You see something, get excited by the sales copy and the expectation that this is it. You buy the product quickly – you’ve got to get it at the best price or it might stop being sold. You then might go through and consume it and you might even do something with it (not a sure thing). It might turn out there is more to it then you thought and by the way look at the new shiny object.

So instead of that it I could save money and/or time by missing out that bit in the middle and just do nothing!

I find it strange, even if it is like a compulsion.

There’s better things to do with the time and money, in particlar I buy a product and don’t follow through with it.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Addiction?

Here are some questions that I think can help answer whether you’ve an addiction (Based in part on the Information Junkie test in The Pledge by Michael Masterson). It’s not scientific but i hope it will get you thinking, it did me.

It is lot like being an information junkie where you are just consuming more and more information and you don’t do anything with it.

  1. Have you bought more than 10 courses this year and done nothing with them? (3 points if yes)
  2. How many courses have you bought before and moved on to before you finished implementing the previous one? (3 points if more than 5, 3 – 4 score 2 points, 1 – 3 than score 1 point)
  3. Have you bought any course over $100 and not used? ( If yes, 3 points)
  4. When are you most excited when you buy a course? (Ordering 3 points, Receiving 2 points, Using it 1 point).
  5. Do you feel you have to read/watch a course from “cover to cover” (If yes 2 points)
  6. Do you take notes as you go through each course on things to implement? (If no 2 points)

If you scored more than 6 points you may indeed be one of us shiny new object addicts!

How Can You Turn This Around?

I struggle with this and from time to time relapse. The product creators  make those courses look so good, don’t they! There are some question that can help take you from an addict to someone who makes progress. Here they are:

  1. Before you buy ask yourself: How am I going to use this information to improve my business? or What skill will this help me to develop?
  2. Sleep on it for a least a night and leave it for a week to see if you still feel you need it. (just like the advice you’re given when you’ve been dumped – there is plenty of fish – may be even more in products in internet marketing if you miss out)
  3. Once you received it give yourself a deadline to read it and use at least of its actions. (The Pledge)
  4. Before you buy the next product be sure you’ve made some progress. (The Pledge)
  5. Blog about your experience – you might even be able to turn the addiction into a way of making money (Guide to Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome)

This is what I try to do now to be more productive and make progress. Do you have any tips or techniques on how to reform?

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