April 2016 Results Summary

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April 2016 Results SummaryToday I’m here with my fourth revenue report to date for the month April 2016.

It’s great to see another slight improvement in earnings from March but still a long way short of the record month (for me) of January. Still any improvement should be celebrated I guess (and I am quietly).

Rankings for my Extreme Review sites have improved slightly but traffic was down again without anything going badly wrong. As with last month the keywords  I check are still there or thereabouts and click-throughs look okay – just less searches from what I can see unfortunately. That is also with more reviews and information posts added during the month in related searches.

Anyway here’s the revenue and expenses


This is the revenue generated from implementing courses that I’ve talked about on the blog:

Erica Stones Straight Line/Extreme Review $1181.09 Review

PotPie Girl’s RAM (no work for 2 years still producing) $29.22 Review

Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome (the course that launched this blog)

1.YouTube Power Slam 3.0 $27.75 Review

2. PotPie Girl’s Bonus Club  $12.49

3. Extreme Review $39.00 Review

4. Make Incredible Online Income Simply By Recommending Products $16.07 Review

5.Pinfabulous $6.55 Review

6. Straight Line $7.35 Review

Total $1,319.52 (last month $1265.62)


Hosting $29.95

Online Business Insiders $12.00 Review

(Erica Stone and others internet marketing help forum)

Jaaxy Keyword Tool $19.95

Microsite Rank Tracking Tool $19.95

PotPieGirls Bonus Club $24.97

Courses Bought (see below) $7.20

Total $102.02 (last month $142.66)

Revenue Less Costs $1,217.50  (last month $1,122.96)

Net Increase $94.54

Affiliate Marketing Reviews Published This Month

I published the following review this month

Red Hot Reviews $7.20 Review

Traffic to this blog:

Here’s a brief summary of the blogs traffic/visitor results this month (last month). Some growth evident with more regular posting and social media sharing.

Google 171 (163)

Other Search Engines 38 (11)

Direct 98 (115)

Social 577 (228)

Referral 85 (24)

Bounce Rate 81.11% (59.17%)

Time On Site 1:39 (2:44)

Points To Note

The increase in social media traffic was due to a one off facebook post by the Diary of Felix Brown – I wrote a post about his inspiring fight with cancer and shared it on his facebook page.

This month I moved to my new posting schedule of 3 posts a week which included a great interview with Ash Keogh.

I also did some more video reviews. I managed to record a podcast episode but wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t publish it.

It was great to have another month where I broke the $1000 barrier it would be even better if there was another 0 on that – that will come I hope.

Overall my productivity on the Extreme Review sites is not where it needs to be in terms of getting more posts up and sharing on social media

Next Month

I keep writing my plans for the next month and keep on coming up short. Maybe I get more done because there stated here.

I didn’t achieve the 30 posts nor did I make any changes to specific posts to increase conversions. I did add a piece of code to my sites that should increase conversions site wide for mobile traffic from What Works Now by PotPieGirl. It was late in the month and it may have had a positive impact.

Next month the plan is to publish 30 posts to my Extreme Review sites, post 3 times a week to this blog, 2 videos a week, 1 podcast episode a week. Plus work on conversions and social media. That should keep me out of trouble I’d say.




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