Amazon Review Site – Straight Line Update 7

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It is hard to believe that 2 weeks have past since I last gave an update on my main internet marketing project – implementing Erica Stone’s Straight Line course.

I’ve been sticking to the course and not used any link building other than posting to 4 social sites as directed in the course. I did add something this week – I’ve started building out my Pinterest boards. This is because of the course Erica released called Pinplosion. I’ve set up the boards and started getting followers to it – today I have 134. What I haven’t done is to add any new pins to the boards after I set them up which is important to driving traffic to my review site and that is reflected in the fact I’ve only seen 1 visitor to it from Pinterest. So I must do better on this as using the techniques in Pinplosion look like they could help in increasing targeted traffic to my site while I wait (im)patiently for them to arrive from Google.

The Results

results update 7

Before taking a look at the results here is my activity update –  I’ve published 3 more posts and have one half finished since my last update – so falling behind my aim of 2 posts a week.

Although there has been some positive movement in my review rankings, they do appear to being pushed back by Google ranking 4 posts from Google Groups on the front page for the keyword. It seems some clever people have worked how to rank with minimal content and an affiliate link using a Google property. It does mean that some of the good review site (as well as mine) are now being pushed on to page 2. I wonder how long that will continue on for. My response is to continue posting the best content I can to my site – so no change.

I am getting more traffic to my site but that is mainly for my info posts especially number 1 and 9. This probably explains why I am not seeing more people clicking in the Amazon links. So, the wait continues for that elusive Amazon commission from this site.  It is a very frustrating time. I do feel I am getting closer to a sale even if the clicks to Amazon don’t support this feeling.

Next 2 Weeks

For the next 2 weeks I’m going to continue on adding more content to the site – the aim is 4 more posts – so when the site moves up in rankings there is more chance of getting more visitors, then someone seeing something they like and clicking on a link to Amazon and buying something.

In addition to the Straight Line strategy of more content I’ll be starting to add better images to Pinterest as discussed in Pinplosion to get some re-pins and more visitors to my site.

That’s it on this update – it really seems too much like the film Groundhog Day at the moment where everything seems to be repeating (on this review site) – I just hope I don’t have to repeat things as long as Bill Murray’s character  – Phil Connors did before breaking out of the cycle.

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