Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for BeginnersAmazon is one of the biggest sites on the internet online and they have a number of different ways that people can work with them to make money in two broad categories of selling products on their site or by sending visitors to their site.

Bothe methods can result in people in making good money from a few dollars to a good side income to for some a full time income.

It is the second way of sending visitors to Amazon that is affiliate marketing.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program

Basically when you send a visitor to Amazon they track them on their site and when they buy something they credit you with a percentage of the sale.

It is a way that you can monetize your website to earn income from the people you have visiting your site.

Most affiliate programs for all sellers online although the details of the amount and what you are credited differ.

Why Choose Amazon

The advantage that you have with Amazon is that it is well known and people have a high level trust with it. A lot of people are comfortable with buying from them and they feel they are getting a good deal.

They sell a lot of different things.  Giving you are great choice of products you can promote. Amazon are great at cross-promoting as well as people deciding to buy othe stuff while they are there and you get credit for them if bought.

How It Works

When you’ve signed up and been accepted into their program (Amazon Associates Program) will provide you with a code that is used to track people you’ve sent to their site so they can assign the commission to you. It works for up to 24 hours and this covers anything they buy not just what you sent them there to buy even if they don’t buy that product.

There is a range of commission percentages you can earn depending on the product type and the number of products. Some products like electronics are a fixed percentage no matter how many are bought. But others start at 4% and can go up to 8.25% (at present) depending on how many items are bought.

Applying For The Amazon Associates Program

The application process is straightforward and Amazon take you through it step by step. You can get to it at the bottom of any of their pages – under the section Make Money With Us and clicking on the link Become An Affiliate.

At the bottom of page click here

You are taken to page that talks about the program and has a link to join.

Join amazon affiliate program


You then follow through the steps on the next page. They do have an agreement that you have to comply with and it’s good idea to read through it so you ensure you can comply.

There are some States that you can’t apply to be an Amazon Affiliate due to tax laws- there are spelled out in the the associate agreement.

One of the things you do need to do before you apply is to have a website or blog set up.

Website Requirements

The actual requirements aren’t spelled out but it is generally a good idea to have at least 5 – 10 posts of useful content for visitors that aren’t promoting products heavily. This way it looks to Amazon that you are adding good value and something different than what Amazon is already providing.

Setting Up A Blog

Setting up a blog can be  straightforward and there are a number of courses that can help you with this. You can choose to have a blog where you own the name and pay for it to be hosted – it is under your control. You need to buy a domain name and then pay for someone to host on their servers so that people can find it online. A company like Hostgator will do this for you but a course can give you tips and techniques that a hosting company doesn’t provide – such as security, optimizing it in the search engines so people find you and so on.

Alternatively you can set up a blog on free site like Blogger but that does mean you don’t have the control over the content. If Blogger decides that you are in breach of its rules it can delete your blog.

What Are You Going To Blog About

If you know what you are interested in writing about then your next step is to see if people are interested in your topic which can do by seeing if people are searching for it online using Google keyword tool. This allows you to see what people are searching for and how many are searches they are.

Other ways you can decide on what to write about before you check is what are you interested in or what problems do you have or what could you be interested.

You also need to check if Amazon have any products that people searching for things about that topic would buy.

What Are You Going To Write About

Once you’ve decided on your topic or niche, you’ve got to decide on what your posts are going to be about. You can come up with it by yourself or to stand a better chance of reaching people it is best to use a keyword tool to help you choose to write about so that you are writing/ creating content that people are looking for.

Types Of Content

There are 2 broad categories of keyword you can choose. This is looking at what the person is searching for. Are they looking to buy something or are they just wanting information/entertainment.

You do need to inform but initially at least you are wanting to attract people who towards the buying end of the spectrum. This way you are helping them with your content to make their decision by writing reviews, comparisons, best of lists and so on.

Adding Links To Your Content

Amazon give you a number of different ways to add a link with tracking code to your blog. You can add product displays that they provide which display the product with your link.

You can make your own as long as you don’t alter the product image and manually add the link yourself. Or you can add it to the text you’ve written (anchor text) that when someone clicks on it takes them to Amazon.

Social Media

Social media can be a good way to get traffic to your site and in particular Pinterest can help depending on your niche. The 4 main sites to consider setting up profiles for your site are Pinterest, Facebook, twitter and Google+.

Do You Want More In Depth Training?

For me to actually make an income from Amazon was to go through a course that took be step by step. You don’t have to do that, there is information online that can help you to get started but it is a long road you have to decide if it is correct or the right way to do it.

For people without a website or blog the course(s) that have done the most for me in getting to earn $1000 plus per month are Extreme Review / Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course. They both are step by step from pcking a niche, setting up a blog to making money but with slightly different styles of delivery  and methods – but with the same overall message of quality content. I compare them both here. They can help experienced bloggers too with the talk about content and keyword selection.

If you’ve got a website/blog and are a little more experienced your biggest issueis likely to be how to make some or money with Amazon then the Pajamas Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass can help you go through the steps from a blog that isn’t monetized or not making enough to one that provides a good income. (For a chance to win a free copy visit my giveaway post through 24 March 2016)

Do you still have questions about Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Please ask them in the comments below

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