Amanda Cravens Red Hot Reviews Review – How To Write Reviews And Make Money

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red_hot_reviewsBeing able to write Red Hot Reviews, I’d like to be able to do that in 30 minutes!

Getting better at review writing is something I’m keen on doing.

Adding more personality and be more engaging and earning more money as a result.  It’s frustrating writing the reviews and not getting the result you wanted – people getting what they want to help them decide that a product is right for them and then buying through your affiliate link.

There’s always more ideas you can incorporate to help visitors and also increase conversions too.

The Sales Page

Nice heading – definitely would like to be able know how to write reviews that cash sucking for years in 30 minutes.

The sales page is plain -there’s none of the nonsense you get with some sales pages – that go on forever with lots of big promises. This is quite short.

I do generate an income with my Extreme Review sites (and this one too, of course) but I do want to write quicker and better for them to convert better.

But I do feel what she describes how she was writing reviews and seeing a trickle of cash coming in after spending a lot of time writing a review. Frustrating to say the least.

Then there is an interesting story about how she worked out what she was doing wrong to create better reviews and adding value to the visitor.

Next is the benefits and what you get from her proven method. It all looks good and what I want to find out more.

Next is about the alternatives and I do have much the same feeling about what you get from Fiverr or most PLR reviews – you’ve got work to do anyway to bring them up to scratch.

I like the line “A review that you can be proud to call your own.”

and of course this too

“One that will actually prove to be a building block of a real income.”

There is a little about the price which I skip over.

It is on a dime sale so best to get in early – it looks to like it is a bargain.

The Buying Process

For me this went smoothly. You are offered a up sell (I just saw the one) which I declined as I’ve already got it.

Fairly easy and you then are taken back to the Warrior Plus and get an email with your login details to the site you download a zip file along with there being two videos.

What You Get

There are 2 PDFs in the zip file. One is the guide and the other is a template for your reviews.

Starting with the main guide.

Red Hot Reviews Main Guide – How To Write Reviews And Make Money

It is a 50 page PDF. After a title page it’s on to the contents and there are some interesting title in there as to what is to follow like “Grab Them by The Heart And Guts”

But first up is an introduction that explains the reviews. I like how she talks about value for the visitor being the reason people will buy using your link and that they are quick to do.

Before showing the method there is a quick discussion on what doesn’t work now and why the Red Hot Reviews work – it makes good sense to me.

On to the first step. I do struggle with doing this and it is real important I can. There are some good points on how you should write review and the approach to take. I need to print some of this out and read that before I start my reviews to  remember this. This is more about the tone and voice of the review then what to include in it.

That is something I’m missing or not doing well enough – I need to put this in place. It’s about how you speak to your visitor through your review.

There’s an example here and a link to a review to show you how to use it and there is another review that shows another way to do it. They are very good – definitely something to aspire to.

Next it’s on talking about establishing who the review/product is for. There’s a link to another excellent review to learn from.  Nice tip here too on how to get clues to the tone and voice of your review.

There another review to check out. One thing interesting with this is that they are all different niches and  different styles too. It gives you plenty to look at and come up with your style.

There’s a section about when to use bullet points – not something I go a lot of in my reviews.

Next it is up to talking about the product with a warning against being “salesy”.  I like the point here about offering something of value.

This about getting the sale but also being in a position to make further sales too.

There’s a link to a video review that was successful for Amanda – it’s for an IM product that I’ve always wondered whether it works.  It’s great seeing the course points in the review. I need to do better product reviews! Now I know how to do it! I’m not sure mine would be as long yet!

There is a section about what to do if you don’t have the product. There’s a bit less research here then I do following Extreme Review so I’d modify this approach here.

There is a good section in this research of a product at something I tend to miss when checking out reviews . That is something I need to be more mindful of this – no more skipping over it.

Overall it is a similar approach but adding more engagement into the writing. This does give you ideas on this. Only thing I don’t like is the smaller amount of time researching.

There’s some good stuff on using reviews and testimonials to add support to your review. I need to be better at this.

There is then a section on Reverse Reviews – where you review one product but recommend another one. I’ve not done this. Not something I’m too keen on doing either but there maybe times when its the right thing to do for your visitor.

Next is on the important part of getting the click. It’s a good way to get the click – I need to do this more.

Now we go from the end of the review to the beginning – The Headline. Okay, I see why this is at the end – you know more about the product.

Something I’m not good at is discussed here about promoting your review to get more people to read it. Time to get this going – it makes sense after you’ve done all this work.

She runs through an email review with an example, video review, social media review to finish up.


Pros & Cons

There is much in the guide that I like but before that, there are a couple of things that I’m not so sure about:

* I’m not sure I can write a review in 30 minutes even following even this method – you might

* Although she does some research I want to do more

* If it built up a review example would have been good (there are plenty of examples but not a run through)

*  Doesn’t give beginners direction for choosing products and building out a site (see my suggestion below)

Now on to the good stuff

* You get a good solid method to use to write reviews – I’m going to be using it.

* It’s well written and easy to follow along to.

* There is no hype or fluff – it just gets down to practical ideas and techniques. It’s to the point.

* It is about providing value to the customer

* It gives plenty of great example reviews to check out and emulate

* It shows you how to be more engaging and build trust with your readers

* How to get more personality into your reviews

* You know what helps with engagement and conversions

* You know what doesn’t work as well as what does work

In Summary

This guide is for people who already have a site, and probably getting some visitors but you’re reviews aren’t converting or not converting like you want them too. The reviews are just not matching what you’re were expecting.

Although not for them I feel beginners will find it helpful to get started the right way with review writing but they’ll need more information to help with getting started with affiliate marketing.

I am impressed by Red Hot Reviews and I recommend it highly for writing reviews that convert.

You can check it out here:-

Red Hot Reviews

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