Why Is My Affiliate Website Not Getting Any Traffic?

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Why Is My Affiliate Website Not Getting Any Traffic_You’ve written or had some reviews written for you, published it, indexed it and shared it on social media and yet you still aren’t getting any visitors.

What’s gone wrong?

Why aren’t visitors “beating down” the door to read my reviews?

Frustrating to say the least.

The obvious reason is that you’re not ranking for keywords so no one is finding your site.

Following the Extreme Review method that I have used for my Amazon review sites it does take some time for you to start ranking. It takes between 1 to 2 months to get over 100 visitors a month.  The source of the traffic is from Google.

You can get quicker traffic from Pinterest, I’m told, I’ve just not managed it yet – Lesley Stevens talks about the success she has with Pinterest sending traffic quicker than Google and making sales (See Affiliate Marketing Masterclass).

Back to the issue at hand is why you aren’t getting traffic. There are 2 issues that can cause an issue here: (Assuming the site hasn’t been penalized for some reason such as backlinking or keyword stuffing)

What Keywords Are You Targeting?

There are 2 parts to this – the keywords you selected to write about and what you actually wrote about.

I find keyword research hard work – it’s not something I enjoy but it is so important especially to a new Amazon review site whether you are building backlinks or not. It’s important to assess potential traffic and competitors. You can do this manually or use a tool like Jaaxy.

Either way it has to be done to find keywords that get searches and can be ranked for. Did you do this? What method did you use?

If you’re not forcing backlinks to your site this is more important ad Google only has the content on your page to use to rank your site – you’re not getting help from other sites to give you a vote.

What criteria have you used to determine the number of searches you want and how tough is the competition? Is the front page full of authority sites – well established and big – like Amazon.com for instance.

Are the keywords you are targeting  long tail – such as best star wars duvets for boys under 7 or are you trying to rank for best duvets (your site might be about that but your posts need to be more specific, at least initially).

You’ll find it difficult to rank for broad keywords and is a reason you’re not getting traffic.

If you’re not getting traffic this needs to be the first check is the keywords you’ve chosen to write about to assess how much competition there is. Check the first page to see what is ranking there. (Jaaxy can help but you do need to take a look too.)

When writing your content you need to be relevant to the keyword you’ve chosen to write about. There are two possible issues here if you’ve written about something unrelated – it makes it harder to rank for the keyword and if you do people won’t be interested in your post and move swiftly back to where they came (no conversions).

It’s important the post is both relevant and specific. The more specific the keyword (the more long tail) the easier it can be to rank and convert.

What Is Your Content Like?

The days of being able to write generic content and being able to rank are gone. (I know there are exceptions to this but it’s got harder.) There needs to be something more that goes into the content now.  Maybe your content isn’t long enough and doesn’t go into the topic with enough depth to be considered good enough to rank.

If you’re content is generic or not relevant or you’ve written a general post then an Amazon affiliate site can struggle for ranking and traffic.

It seems longer content is seen as better by the search engines but it does give them more to analyze I guess which can help with rankings provided it is quality.

It has to be both unique and add value to the visitor. This is in addition to it being relevant and specific.

You do this either by writing about products you own and/or know about (either through experience or research).

The content needs to be personal (as far as you can) as well as informative answering the questions the people visiting your site would have. Once you’ve written for your visitor you can then add and structure the post to help the search engines to know what your post is about by using your keyword and related keywords where they make sense (not putting them there for the sake of it).

With the Extreme review sites there is a lot of research that goes into writing the reviews and information type posts before writing. The idea is to write the best post you can. It can take a number of hours to research and write. It is by doing this that you can get the content together that can rank, get visitors and ultimately convert.

For me those are the 2 main factors that can cause an issue with getting traffic to a site and what to do about it. Is there any other reasons why a site doesn’t get traffic that hasn’t been penalized in some way?

If you want more actionable content and a better understanding of what is needed to rank and convert traffic I recommend the Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass. It provides a detailed breakdown of keyword selection and how to write content as well as how to use Pinterest to get traffic to your site that converts..

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