Affiliate Marketing Using YouTube Videos For Beginners

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affiliate marketing using youtube videosUsing affiliate marketing with Youtube vidoes is one of the popular ways that YouTube can be used to make money online. I’ve used it previously to make some money.

I stopped about 2 years because I left it to concentrate on my Amazon review sites (Extreme Review style) and I didn’t like how the videos turned out. I’m still not keen but did my first one in 2 years (see it here – you could do better I’m sure).

I did make some income from it, so as I’ve talked before about RAM perseverance could have amde a big difference to where I am now.

Why Use Video

It’s a great for showing off a product or talking about it too that you can’t with words. It can be quicker to create.

You don’t have to appear in it – you can even do power point presentation or just have music or have someone else be in the video on your behalf. But it does reduce the impact of you being in the video to build up your credibility and trust.

Creating video is easy these days and there are plenty of free options as well as paid options.

Uploading the video to YouTube is straightforward too. If you’ve got a Google account you can quickly add a YouTube account.

Why Use YouTube For Affiliate Marketing

This gives you the chance to rank in 1 search engines – Google and YouTube. There are millions of searches done just on YouTube with people looking for information as well as entertainment including reviews and How Tos.

In Google searches a YouTube video is easier to rank than a blog post and you can do this with less written content to get there. It seems Google might just like its’ own products or it might just be that searchers like video.

Topics To Discuss In Your Video

Just like with a blog post you need to talk about things that there is an affiliate program.

Once that has been established you can do videos on How To’s, demonstrations, reviews, recipes etc, anything where the product or service you’re wanting to promote.

As with any affiliate marketing it is easier to convert people that are looking to buy where you are helping in the buying decision process than people just looking for entertainment / information.

This is where your keyword research comes in where you look at searchers intent – you look just behind the keywords and think about what and why is the person typing those words into a search engine.

Adding Links To Your Video

You can add links to the description of the video as well as  to the video itself using annotations and info links.

The links in the description can be affiliate links but the links on the video have to be to a site that YouTube has approved for your channel (account).

In the description it is your raw link only ( and you should be going direct (without any redirect).

Risks Of Using YouTube

As you don’t own the platform your videos are hosted you are at the whim of YouTube to a certain extent and you do need to play to their rules.

It is important to understand them if you want to ensure you’re videos and your practices in promoting the video don’t contravene their rules.

Rules Around Using Affiliate Links On YouTube

It is not the easiest to understand what the rules are around adding links to your YouTube page. One thing that is agreed that you can’t spam and you can’t be adding them just to make money. There must be some value for including the link in the video page.

For example, if you did a video on how to dig out a fence post and you used a particular tool you could link to that in the content as that would benefit the viewer.  Or if a recipe you might link to hard to find ingredients or a special pot or pan etc.

The same goes with a review as the viewer may want to buy it after watching your review.

At present YouTube seems to be tolerate the links (as does Amazon) but they may change their mind at some point if it affects their income – they have vague references in their TOS (Section 5E) about promotional links etc See here

Currently there are plenty of large accounts that do this so it would appear to be acceptable until it isn’t.

The best practice is to only use affiliate links when it makes sense and disclose that you are actually using them in the descriptions.


An alternative to affiliate links is to use the links in the description to drive traffic from YouTube to your blog where you can then provide more content to your visitor. From there you can have your affiliate links to convert the sale.

Have you used YouTube for affiliate marketing? If not, what is holding you back?

P.S. If you are interested in knowing  more about affiliate marketing using YouTube videos I suggest you check out IM Power Club. It shows you how to create, rank and convert visitors using affiliate links and other methods.
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