Affiliate Marketing Masterclass From Pajama Affiliates Review Part 2

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Affiliate Marketing Masterclass From Pajama Affiliates reviewIt was a good first session yesterday going through the first part of the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass From Pajama Affiliates. It was a good to see how Lesley Stevens picked keywords for here posts and then seeing the actual posts.

Moving forward on to the next part of the course is:

Keyword Placement

This follows on from yesterdays post on finding keywords. It’s about how to use them in your blog post (Don’t forget to refresh the page!)

This is similar to what is discussed in the beginners course. However, there are some interesting points in this that I don’t think were covered in as much depth.

There is one use for keyword that I hadn’t thought of using the keyword for. Very interesting and clever use of a keyword.

The video was 8 minutes long. It is again a great demonstration video where you see how the keywords have been used on an actual post. I need to try this out on my posts to see what happens to my rankings, especially on those that are on the wrong pages – not on page 1.

It is pushing keyword use more than I’ve been doing – so I’ll probably take it slowly on this point. But it doesn’t seem to be hurting the actual blogs used as examples in ranking.- they are ranking even with more liberal use.

I am going to be adding these style of posts to my Erica Stone Extreme Review style blogs as they give something to people coming to my site that is missing and I think they ill be useful (and they convert too).

The text that follows help in giving you a checklist of the places to use the keywords. Nice touch so you don’t need to go through the video to get them.

Blogging Content And Visual Appeal

But first there was something I missed on using keywords for a group of posts on a similar topic on the blog and Pinterest. I need to look at how I can use that on my blogs. One to go on the list. .

Now to the next session. It starts with a video. In the video it works through a real post with keywords to explain how to get visual appeal as well as content visitors want to see and read.

Again. I think going through the blog posts is great, this is a different one to the Beginners Home Blogging Affiliate Marketing Class for more to see.

I’ve just spent half an hour doing it. They look good on the eye, but also how they are written. Simple and to the point with plenty of pictures. But importantly written with the people in niche are going to relate to. I think they would, as I’m not someone that the site is for.

I know this but forget about it – it does help if you are writing about a niche you are part of, thats for sure. I think looking at the blog has really got me back thinking about that again in what I write on my blogs.

There’s a good site given on checking how your blog posts look on mobile.

Then there’s more about how to think through what to write and where you can get ideas for content to use as inspiration to write something that unique and valuable not just generic regurgitation.

So a good video with plenty to work on my posts.

There is text to follow that goes through the video again and emphasizes some points. I’t worth reading to get familiar eith it (It is similar to the beginners course).

Adding Products/Affiliate Links

This is goes into why to link out from your site to a merchant in content. That is interesting and good to know. It is again about understanding the reader and your market to get the best results.

A quick comment that i think is importance is about tracking how the links perform – I need to put this into place to make it easier to see performance.

Where to place links and why is good stuff to use when linking to affiliate programs.

Next video is about a paid tool that you can use to create quick and easy images for your posts. It does look good. It is relatively cheap but for now I’m going to give it a miss – I’ll continue to do it manually – not as quick or as well mind you.

Lesley does emphasize you don’t have to use the tool – it is what she uses and has used on the blogs that have been used for the working examples.

Next video is one that is from the beginners blogging and affiliate marketing course. It is a good one and worth going through and really emphasizes the point of where to put links and what to link from for maximum effect – for the customer and you.

This is followed by text going through important points on linking and the thinking behind them.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

My Thought So Far

I’ve been given plenty to put into place with Affiliate Marketing Masterclass From Pajama Affiliates.

More use of keywords, a “Pajamas Affiliate style” of post and more visual appeal and tracking are the four top things I’m going to be using to increase traffic. conversions and quality of my posts.

Another good session from the course. It is going to help me with increasing my results I’m sure. I need to think through how I’m going to track and test these to see the before and after.

There are tracking id’s and Google event tracking that I can use which I’ve only dabbled in usung ib the past. (Maybe if I’d done more I’d be further ahead – tough I didn’t).

It will need tracking codes and checking rankings on posts to see what happened before and afer I’m guessing. As I’m now getting traffic and conversions to my blogs it is something I can do.

Ok that’s it today, plenty to do and move forward with from the session.

Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review Part 1


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