Affiliate Implant – Tube Illuminati By Clive McGonigal Review Part 4

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Today, I’m back going through Clive McGonigal’s IM Power Club that you get access to when you buy Tube Illuminati. There is a lot to this membership site. Clive has packed it with stuff. I’m now on to looking at Affiliate Implant.

It consists of an overview and sample ways to implement it. So, on to the

Affiliate Implant Overview

There is a written overview of the process and Clive’s thoughts which give you the options how to promote offers and their pros cons . There is also a mind map that gives you the 8 methods all in one place. It looks a good check list you can use after you’ve been through the method.

The Methods

In this section Clive gives you examples of he has used various methods to direct people from YouTube to an affiliate offer. There are some very clever ideas here that I’ve not used. I’ve stuck with what I think is the easiest which is re-direct from YouTube to the offer and it has earned me a few hundred in commissions.

I agree with Clive that it is not probably the most effective long term approach as YouTube may decide it won’t tolerate it anymore and write algorithm to find them all and delete the videos.Clive is of the view that it is only a matter of time before YouTube takes action on this. I guess they’ll do it like they normally do – which is that it is done without warning and your hard work is down the drain. At least this time I know it is going to happen and made an informed choice.

Also, it means you don’t get the viewers email address, so you only have one opportunity to talk to them about the offer.

You also get a number of different tools he uses to do enable his ideas. I think these can wait until you are making an income from YouTube marketing, however these tools may help you get to making money quicker.

Some of the links to the samples don’t appear to be working and I’ve left a comment to ask if this is right. I’ll update this post once I have an answer.

Thoughts On Module And Site

I’m a bit disappointed with this module at the moment because of the issues with the links not working. I am hopeful this will be sorted out quickly as i have left a comment on the site asking the question.

As to the membership site overall I still think there is a wealth of information you get for your money. It doesn’t show you how to make a video, as far as I can see, but you do get to see some of the videos he has made to give you an idea of what to make. They look simple to make and he does give tutorials in the Tube Implant section on how to add graphics. It takes you through the steps before that – on selecting keywords to target with your video and then how to optimize your channel and videos for rankings in Google and YouTube. Then there is discussion on getting views and backlinks and how to do this without going over the top with them.

I’m going to take a look at the Tube Fake Out section next. That will leave the Tube Monster and Resources section to go through.

There is a lot to the IM Power Club membership site and is at the moment available through the Tube Illuminati WSO. If you are looking at methods that don’t require to go overboard in sending backlinks and buying views to rank YouTube videos then this site shows you how as well as a way to target keywords that have the potential to be profitable with out having tons of competition.

See review Part 3


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