What Are The Advantages Of Niche Marketing For A Beginner?

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What are the advantages of niche marketing for a beginnerWhen starting out you get plenty of advice from gurus and the like that you need to be niche marketing.

I think It’s a good place to start and you can stay there too if you want and continue to make a solid income from it too. This is what I’m doing. But you can expand from it if you want.

Here are 6 reasons why I think niche marketing irs a great place for a beginner to get started in internet marketing

There Is Less Competition

You do want some competition when looking at a niche as that is an indicator that there is some money in the niche.

However, less competition means it doesn’t take as much to start to make traction and to stand out. You’re not having to fight hard against lots of experienced marketers while you learn the game. It allows you learn as you earn when the competition isn’t as fierce.

Return On Work

With the less competition it means the work you put in can see a better return – a higher return on energy.

You can rank your content without having to do a lot of extra work to get it to rank. It will rank on its own as long as it is good quality and it is relevant and you’ve researched the keywords for competition.

With the content being relevant and specific it helps in getting better rankings with Google.  You can start to see a quicker return too.

Not that its going to happen overnight. You still need to work for a period of time before you see results and start to see an income being built. It can happen in a few months and then steadily build from there.

It can be discouraging when you start out when you put in work and there is no return.  But it is worth persevering with until you get there – the time it’s going to take is different for each person as there are number of variables – I did discuss this in a post here to give some ideas as to what is possible to earn from niche marketing and affiliate marketing.

Don’t Need To Be Too Clever

In a niche market you can stick to keeping things simple. You don’t have to be working out these cleaver ideas on how to rank your site with the latest ideas.

After choosing and analyzing the niche to see if it is something you want to build a business in  you can just concentrate on the basics of good on page SEO, keyword research and writing or providing the best content you can for your visitors. You don’t need the clever ideas to be successful.

Don’t Need To Spend Too Much

As well as getting a better return on your energy you also don’t need to spend as much to get established.

You can depending on how you are going to market only require to buy a domain name and pay monthly hosting fees and that can be it. The rest can be done for a free such as producing content.

You can even do this for free but you do run the risk of the person providing the platform deciding your content isn’t what they want and deleting it – the most recent example being squidoo which didn’t delete but unpublished giving you a timeframe to improve your content – it was then sold and the rules changed again.

In a large market to establish yourself you are probably going to need to pay for advertising and other forms of promotion. You can do this with niche marketing too, but you just need a lot less of it to get established and noticed because you are competing with less people and the market isn’t seen as valuable enough.

Not As Much To Learn About The Niche

If you go into a large market there is plenty to learn and understand. With a niche even if it is one you’re not familiar with there isn’t as much to learn.

You can understand the niche and also understand the people who are interested in the niche – learning how they talk, their concerns, their hopes and so on. If you are already part of the niche then it is going to be much easier .

Easier To Become an Authority

It can happen in a few months that you can build up an authority site that people trust. This helps with your conversions and possibly having them share your content with others too and linking to it from their social media pages etc depending on your niche.

That’s not likely to happen quickly when you are competing against big authority sites with general information. It’s going to take a lot of time or money to build the site up to that level.

I’ve built two niche sites (following the Extreme Review course by Erica Stone) that are now combined earning $1k plus a month regularly.  It has involved a lot of work so I don’t want to give the impression that niche marketing is necessarily quick fix solution.

I’m expanding one of the sites slowly into related niches to take advantage of the ranking I now have built up in one niche.  It’s still in a niche but a bigger version than where I started – so there is more competition overall but hopefully because of the work I did in the smaller version I’ll be able to capitalize on it and see returns starting to come quicker.

Do yoou think niche marketing is the best approact to get started?

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