5 Keys To Success With Internet Marketing

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5 Keys To Success With Internet Marketing This post is not “THE 5 KEYS”  or “The 5 SECRETS” (nor THE answers to the universe) but are 5 things that have helped me to move forward and continue moving forward to get to where I am earning $1000 a month from not earning very much at all a few months ago.

This is about mindset , productivity and perseverance rather than the method – which for me has been Amazon affiliate marketing but it could be your own digital products, clickbank , email, copywriting and so on.

Overcoming Shiny New Object Syndrome Addiction. There is always a new product coming out that seem at the time to be the answer to all your problems. They are well marketed and play on greed and desperation. But, like buses, there is always another one along soon.

Breaking this addiction is key to be able to make any real progress. For me it just ended up with lost hours and money down the drain in a lot of cases. The way I’ve managed to dampen this addiction down was by beginning this blog and writing about the products as I went through and implemented them (Guide to Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany Lambert).

Mentors/Gurus. Just like products there seems to be 100s of them to choose from.  But choosing is a must. Otherwise you just end up with more emails and information than you can handle (well I did).  I now have just a few that I follow to keep me informed on what is working and changes.

Knowing who to follow is only something you can only find by trial and error as you come across people who make sense and seem to be there for you as well as themselves (not just for themselves).

Choose And Stay With Something. I’ve tried a number of things – public domain, auto-blogging (I’m sad to say), niche sites with PBN, adsense sites, facebook ads and so on. When things got tough I jumped off and some of them weren’t worth continuing with anyway.

Choosing the right thing comes down to having someone that is worth following. Once you’ve done that you need to stick with them. For me the most success has been with Amazon affiliate marketing using Erica Stone’s Extreme Review (with help) but it is only through sticking with it that I’ve managed to get it to $1000 per month.

This is the reason why I stopped posting to this blog because I was writing reviews. For me my time was better spent writing Amazon reviews and posting about that each month seemed to me would bore anyone as each post would have been much the same as the previous one.

Also, now when I buy something (for the most part) it is to help with knowledge that I can use in moving forward my internet marketing business.

(If you are interested in Amazon Affiliate maketing then the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course or Extreme Review are good course to get started.)

Set Targets. I use these with activity more than outcomes (how much to earn). I don’t seem to hit them very often but they do help in trying to get more content published. They are more challenges as to how many posts to get written in a month.

When I set them more gets done, even if I fall short of the target/challenge.  As it is reviews and information posts that are the source of traffic and conversion the more that are out there the more chance there is of making an income.

Stay Focused. This is almost really what the other points are all about. You have to get down to work and cut down distraction when you are working. I know you can’t spend all your time on this but when you do make the time make sure you do work. Don’t spend it on Facebook or twitter or YouTube or other non-productive things.

Easier said than done as I know. I’m always struggling with this. I use moosti.com to help with this. It’s a timer that counts down for 25 minutes and then has a rest period of 5 minutes where you can indulge yourself. (See also 5 X 10 as another idea for being more productive.)

These 5 things have had the most impact for me in turning around my internet marketing business from spending more than I earned to making an income of $1k for the last few months.

There is nothing startling in here. No big secrets – it has come down to hard work, finding something that works and sticking with it. it’s important to stick with it even when it doesn’t seem to be working, asking questions of the training creator as needed. It is possible to make an income online but it takes perseverance (in my experience) probably more so than talent (although that helps to get you there quicker).

What has your experience been with internet marketing? Do you have tips or techniques that  have helped you?

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    • Daisy on April 5, 2016 at 1:04 pm
    • Reply

    Great post Paul! I agree with the points you made and admit I have

    Shiny new object addiction is also something I struggled with and this is the year that ends for me.

    Right now I’m sticking to PJ affiliates, R.A.M. and some of Erica Stone’s work and it’s already paying off.

    In the past I’ve also dabbed my toe in auto blogging and has led me me nowhere in the end. Just a few sites banned from G. Not that I have regrets about that or even whining about it: I sort of knew upfront it was never a long term strategy. It’s something I wanted to try and I do like to experiment a bit here and there.

    Other things I tried were BANS (Build a niche store). Ebay back then paid $25 for every new sign up.

    It worked really well until they moved the affiliate program from CJ to their own and Google started banning the BANS sites, which is just an example of the ever changing landscape of IM. You have to be prepared and adjust where necessary.

    I guess we have all tried a few things with less than stellar results, but have also learned a lot from them.

    I for one will be implementing your 5 keys this year and know if I stick with it I will get where I want to be

    1. 1.1

      Great to hear you’re getting good results from your efforts. It seems we’ve traveled and are traveling a similar path to internet marketing success.

      You’re right that there has been lots learned along the way.

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