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A Book On How To Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life


Do you want more out of your life? You may have heard that if you want different results you need to change what you do. But it’s starts with a change of mindset. That controls what and how you do things. Your mindset is the most important component of you what you can get out …

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BC Stack Review – Available For 5 Days Only

BC Stack

Today, I’m back with something different from Blogging Concentrated – BC Stack that has been recommended and promoted by Pajama Affiliates. I’d not head of this before but it is 65 products that are on offer for $27.00 for 5 days only – starting today. It is something that comes around once a year. I …

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Social Media vs Google Traffic – Which Is Better?

Social Media vs Google Traffic - Which Is Better

Both social media and Google can generate traffic to your blog but which one is better for a blog when it comes to monetizing a blog through affiliate marketing. In answering this question I am going to look at my own experience as well as borrowing from a couple of people who have had a …

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What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online_

Tiffany Lambert in a recent video talked about the best way to make money online (among other things). It got me thinking about this subject again and her slant on this was interesting and I agree with it. But before talking more about that I’d look at whether one method is the way to go. …

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6 Steps To Take To Check If A Niche Is Profitable

After spending some time thinking about what could be a good niche for you to blog about to make profit, you’ve got a short list. You like the look of them – you’ve got at least some interest in them, if not a passion (not necessary but can help with the writing and knowledge). Before …

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Erica Stone’s Pintrender – Be Aware Before You Buy

Hi, back today, after a short break, with the 2nd part of my review  of Erica Stone’s Pintrender – her course that shows you how to use and maximize your effort with Pinterest linking directly with affiliate links. Let’s get back into going through the course After planning your boards (see part 1) you then …

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Erica Stones PinTrender Review Part 1


I’ve just bought Erica Stone’s Pintrender – Pinterest + Affiliate Links First a couple of points of why I’ve taken a look at this new shiny object. First, As you may know I’m a big fan of Erica’s courses especially Extreme Review which I’ve been documenting my results and experience on the this blog for …

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Rob Cornish – Evergreen Passive Income And What To Be Aware Of – Review Part 2

Back today continuing on my in depth review of Rob Cornish Evergreen Passive Income course. I go through the course step by step and also what to look out for (see below). Last time I went through the first half of the course. It gave a good idea of the type affiliate programs are best …

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Evergreen Passive Income Review

Hi, back today with a new product from Rob Cornish Evergreen Passive Income that you may have seen being promoted on a few emails this week. It’s a popular product. Anyway, I thought I’d take a look at it. I met Rob Cornish a few years ago at a conference and he seems like a …

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Pajama Affiliates Keyword Research and SEO Tutorials for Beginners Review Part 2

Hi, there.  Back today continuing my Pajama Affiliates SEO and Keyword Research for Beginners hands-on review. In my previous post I’d been through about 60% of course. I finished up with going through one of the highlights of the course to date by going through a product review SEO and keywords. You not only got …

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