May 2014 archive

Reverse Attack Marketing Review Update – No Work And Commissions

Is this passive income? I thought it was time I gave an update on Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I have not given a full update on this from before Christmas last year. This is also the last time I did any work on it as I moved on to some shiny objects and also …

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Straight Line By Erica Stone – Implementation Review Update 4

Hi, a week has gone by, so it’s time for my promised update of Erica’s Amazon Review Assignment course Straight Line. In my last update post I talked about being in the messy middle of this implementation and I’m still there. I’m still there unfortunately, waiting to see some results from my work. I’ve added …

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Sandy Duplessis’s YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review Part 3

I’m back today looking at the updated YouTube ranking course from Sandy DuPlessis – YouTube Power Slam 3.0. The previous version – 2.0 – was the course that I learned a great deal about ranking videos and using the information it has helped me to rank videos on Google and YouTube. In my previous post …

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