1…2…3 One Hour Affiliate by Erica Stone Review Part 3 – Roadblock Hit

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On Friday I got the dreaded message from Google saying that my 1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate blogger blog had been removed for violating their Terms Of Service. That’s about all the information you get apart from it being spam – without anything specific.

I could of course apply for it to be reviewed after I’ve fixed the issue – whatever they maybe.

At the time I had 5 posts all with affiliate links pointing to Amazon and in the format that Erica suggests. It was disappointing but not the end of the world.

I sent my copy of the posts off to Erica and she can back in a few hours with suggestions to make the blog posts more personable and less a description of what the product was about.

What I’m Going To Do

In the email Erica said not to bother asking for them to reconsider the removal and just move on. Improve the posts as suggested and add some non-affiliate style posts to keep it from being seen as spam.

Getting the posts up and written was taking me about 15 – 20 minutes a time, so not too much time invested. Going through the set up should be much quicker as well. So I’ll be doing that this week.

It seems it is the content rather than the blog template as mentioned on the Warrior sales thread as it took 5 days for the blog to be picked up and I’d have thought it would have happened after the first day and I hand 2 posts up. Erica’s example blog is still up and running.

I could put up a WordPress blog but I won’t at this stage. The reason is that when I get a blogger blog doing well then I know what is expected and a WordPress blog would do well in the Google search engine otherwise I might have a lot of posts that aren’t performing because Google could just not rank them I is my guess and I’d be wondering why it wasn’t working.
So I see it as a way to learn about what can be put up and rank even if it is a frustrating experience.

Thoughts As Of Now.

I still like the 1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate even if I have had a rather disappointing experience with it so far. At least I’ve got my posts I’ve written so far and just need to tweak them to get them up and running again. I know what I need to do to change them (as much as you can when it is about educated guesses due to vagueness of Google).

You do need ot be prepared if you implement that you may run into problems. The good thing is Erica does respond quickly with good answers on how to get going with it all. She does stand behind her products.

I’ll be setting the blog up this week and getting it up and running again and get it set up in a better fashion. It is tough having to start again I’m just glad that I hadn’t put too much work into it at the time.

That’s it for now. I’ll get back soon with an update about the next go at setting up a blogger blog and how it gets on.

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